About Krocus Kozanis Products

Krocus Kozanis Products, established in 2007, is a joint venture between the Cooperative de Saffran of Kozani and the Greek skincare brand KORRES. The company takes its name from saffron (Krokos in Greek) and the area (Kozani in North Greece) this valuable spice is cultivated in. In addition to developing products based on the beneficial properties of saffron – the variety cultivated in Kozani is considered among the best in the world – the company is also set to promote Greek Red Saffron globally.

Driven by clinical studies on the spice’s efficacy, a dedicated Research & Development team is working on fully exploring saffron’s benefits. A first sample of this ongoing effort, is the Krocus Kozanis Herbal Tea Collection. This tea line with Greek Red Saffron is the company’s debut in the nutraceutical market. It is also a worldwide innovation, as this is the first time Greek Saffron is combined with various herbs to create premium taste blends that help establish the precious spice as an essential everyday nutrient.

Featuring seven blends, the Herbal Tea Collection with Greek Red Saffron is available in over 20 markets, including Greece, USA, Canada, UK, Russia, France, Switzerland, Australia, UAE, Qatar and Japan.

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Mr. Agelos Markou

General Manager
Krocus Kozanis Products

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About Campagna Amica

Campagna Amica is the largest Italian network of Points of direct sales from the producer to the consumer. Member of Solidal purchase groups and Community Supported Agriculture, Campagna Amica is active with regard to farmers’ markets, farms’ shops, agricultural cooperatives, agricultural associations, companies in the 0 km circuit, agrotourism. Campagna Amica collects and promotes the Points where agricultural products supply is offered directly from producer to consumer.

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Mr. Toni De Amicis

National Director
Campagna Amica

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About Mans Piens (My Milk)

Farm "Veckūkuri" has developed a brand “Mans Piens (My Milk)”. The farm’s products come from raw milk and their exclusive product line contains no food additives or E substances. This milk is not pasteurised. The farm also produces yogurt from raw, freshly milked milk by adding yogurt bacteria after pasteurisation to only 42 degrees Celsius. This process ensures that good bacteria remain active, boost our health and support performance of our digestive system. The yogurt flavour variety is achieved by adding exclusively natural berries and fruits, Latvian rye bread and cereals. This high quality, unique and healthy products can be found in stores located in Vidzeme and Riga as well as sales networks all around Latvia.

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Mrs.  Ilvija Jakovina

Farm “Veckūkuri”

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